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Say No to H.O.P.E

Hope is a real bitch sometimes.

I often use the phrase “to torture a cliche” before using clichés, but “hope is all we have” is one cliché which tortures me, cause I know that hope happens to give it to us, oh-so-often; We being the fuckups that we are, tend to just over look it all the time.

For instance the “lusting after the un-getables”. Who hasn't indulged in the pop phenomenon? We all do that, be it the pragmatic, office-going, soccer-watching men or the doe-eyed, chickflick-watching, she-bimb-idealists. The belief that a “positive outlook leads to a positive outcome” is all well and good but what’s causing the problem here, is that people think hope is synonymous to having a positive outlook. So goes the vicious circle of people making themselves miserable after Men-&-Women-they-can-just-never.ever-get, losing their self-respect, dignity etc etc in the process and becoming blibbering-pathetic masses of flesh, objects of much *tsk,tsks* from the folks around them.

That’s not the only time; remember the time when you (or someone you know off) had to study for that A, which was the only way you ( or he/she) would get into the college of your (her/his) dreams but you (he/she) stayed up all night playing games on your ( his/ her)X-box or talking to your (her/ a few "his") boy friend. It was cause you were hoping you would still get it, right?..

Oh, oh… what about the time when you chose to not go the activist-“socially aware”- “go green chanting” way, back in college?... you just hoped that the right leaders would get elected, and the planet would some how be rescued. HOPEFULLY!

You see where I am going with this?..

I could quote some other lame ass arguments which you can probably refute with one example or another but that’s not the point. The truth remains, that there are times when you should be hopeful and then there are also times when you need to quit with it. You need to make peace with the fact that there’s no hope. The inevitable remains what it is; Inevitable! What’s important is to learn the difference between the two. In the latter situation, hope just fuels denial and then a bigger disappointment than what was inherently coming to you. Believe it or not, there are people contemplating putting a bullet through their head, just cause they chose to hope at some time in the past. Hope, is not all that the old proverbs / idioms/ pop-culture references etc make it sound to be.

So make your life easier; learn to say no to Hope ...


Anonymous said...

Its funny that you wrote this now.

I was having a heated discussion on hope and its consequences just yesterday. Hope is the reason why politicians and other parasites have been ruling over the masses of poor hopeful idiots for the past 200 years.

Hope, not money is the driving force of capitalism. Capitalism makes sure that some get rich while others get poor. Poor get to see the rich getting rich and hope that they will too. Sadly, they never do.

I pity the hopeful.


Hira S. said...

so what you're trying to say is hope is mankind's excuse to be lazy?

It kind of goes in circles you know, hoping makes people WANT to do something too. Hope that a better world is possible is the reason people join the Peace Corps and UNICEF. I think it's fatalism that people should avoid.

And the wanting what you can't get hasn't much to do with hope. Some people are just masochists :D.

Annie said...

let me elaborate a little:

I am not against Hope. I am all for it but I am also a big fan of rationality and logic.

So if I pen my hopes on a promotion and for that I strategically build a certain image with my boss, work hard, focus on learning, and contribute accordingly then i have no reason to not be hopeful. Now if i hope to be a singer when i sound like a frog everytime i open my mouth and cry and sob and complain and whine when the judges on Pakistani Idol diss me, that sort of hope is nothing but stupidity. Thats all I am saying :)

...and I agree with you; Fatalism, pessimism, allthingsdarkandsad-ism etc should all be avoided for sure...

Anonymous said...


But aren't "fatalism, pessimism, allthingsdarkandsad-ism etc" all we have left???

Annie said...

I dont know...

but I totally understand why you would say so...

*smirks back*