1:43 PM

My Man

I love your face. The clean skin, the light brown eyes, the pouty thing that you do...and that pony tail that you have on my insistence.

I find it amusing, how you can not function on an empty stomach... and how you buy me food all the time.

I think its funny how you have everyone convinced that you are a quiet person, when you can ramble on about one topic for half an hour, non-stop and not even blink once.

I love how your hands feel strong and manly on my back, when you pull me in for a hug. For a man who never says 'I love you', your fiance sure does feel very secure. I love how you manage to do that ...

Ten days left Irfan J Khan... :)

12:49 PM

Terror-ific fashion week in pakistan

Having a fashion week in Pakistan is great. I dress up like a hobo most of the year around, but the study of fashion (fashionology?) is just so intriguing. When, people were wearing what? How different colors and textures come together? The history of it. Creativity at its best and worst. So yeah, for a billion and one reasons it was great.

But why is it that instead of writing about the designers who participated, the models who owned the ramp, the crowd that was there, the celebrities that looked glam and the ones who looked not so, all people can talk about is terrorism. Why, for once, can we not stop talking about it? Isn't it enough that every drawing room conversation revolves around it? The security check posts that litter the town, constantly reminding of the times that we are living in. Then why drag that in to this?... and also the whole narrative about how the "West" doesn't portray us in the right light and bla bla bla . "we are not paindu, we are mighty cool"...arkh!

I'm sorry, maybe its my lack of comprehension, but I really don't see why that's the only thing which comes to our mind.

11:19 PM

After hours ...

Its universal, this longing for lovers, after hours.

You might hate their gutts during the day, but let that needle work its way after mid night and their will be shortness of breath and this weird pull in your gutt. You will go through their old messages, stare at the phone, half wondering, half hoping that they would call ...

Or maybe you spent the entire day hanging out with them and they dropped you back home ... and you wondered if they had gotten back. If they were thinking about you, missing you...

and here are a few of my favorite songs which talk about pretty much the same thing ...

ah, any you would wanna add to the list?..