12:04 AM

today is a funny day.

My first major crush was a boy, oh-so-cute in the navy blue school jersey.

He had the centre parting, which was all the rage backintheday. The dark, silky bangs used to do this flapping thing when he would walk (think Salman Khan from Maine pyar kia days). To torture me a little more than what was needed, he would run his fingers through those hair, everytime I would cross him... Ever so lightly, like he knew I would if I could..

He had dimples.

and back then just the hair and the dimples were enough. Enough to drive me to raving mad, obsessiveness.

The first time I saw him, it was 31st of August... an odd 11 years ago.

Its funny in so many mundane ways...

... how nothing ever came out of it. (Also rather fortunate, if I say so myself).
...and how my life has changed so much.
...not to forget, how much I cried about absolutly nothing (which is how I would refer to this love affair of mine) . The year you turn 15 should be dealt with more care. Every day, every moment counts.
...also, how so much time has gone by.


yasser said...

so you have a love at first sight.

may be you can forget it by thinking a beautiful dream..

Annie said...

Errm. I guess I will give that a shot....

Anonymous said...

Could you ever steal a prayer to deny your God
Could you ever buy your love and not count the cost
Could you ever take a life when all was lost
And would it ever be enough

Could you bite the hand that feeds you and then ask for more
Could you kiss the wound that bleeds spit it on the floor
Could you open up your heart then close the door
And would it ever be enough

Every word you whisper
All the tears you hide
You die for love when it's alive
But where does love go when it dies

If you came across your dream would you walk on by
Hold a candle to the wind and just let it die
And is there room inside your mind for one more try
And would it ever be enough

I watch the time go rushing by it's like an ocean wave
Showing you no mercy throwing dirt upon your grave
You're drowning in the darkness and you're blinded by the light
And there ain't no prayer that's gonna save you now

If you woke up from your sleep blood on your hands
Would you wash the pain away no one understands
There must be someone out there who can help you breathe again
And would it ever be enough

'Where does love go when it dies' -- Def Leppard

Annie said...

Where does Love go when it dies... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I take it your current 'theism' doesn't allow for the existence of purgatory?
Contrary to popular belief, certain branches of Islam, for instance Shia Islam, provide for an intermediate plane of existence, where all souls will wait for judgment. It is there that all the 'believers', or those who shall eventually be granted salvation, shall be whipped to bits to atone for the sins that they HAVE committed. Then, after judgment, they will be packed off to like in bliss.

Perhaps the final resting place for 'love' is purgatory, because unlike divine love, our earthly definition of the word is a little too centred on the physical implications. But then, who can blame us. It takes a man of, at least, Rumi's stature to tell us that divine love is the ultimate goal which we must all strive for, because it is all that will be left once the dust has settled. Not even jews and cockroaches will survive the final holocaust, or so they say.

[forgive me, I tend to drift away from the given topic with and an ease and grace that confounds even the most skilled of ballet dancers...]