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Skinny Bitch speaks out!

There will come a day, when this will stop bothering me, but meanwhile I need to vent right now!

I am skinny. Deal with it, and please stop making fucking assumptions about my diet and also come up with original insults if you just absolutely have to go all bitchy on me! Saying that I look like a Somalian just aint cuttin it!

The whole concept of “skinny-bitch” is just a product of distorted self preservation going on with all the fat ones out there, I tell you and has nothing to do with reality. In fact I find the whole idea of judging someone or even their lifestyles, based on how much they weight just a little too troglodyte-ish. I was born skinny, with a superhyperactive, higher than regular kinda high-metabolic DNA gene typa thingy. I eat like a pig, I’m healthy, yes the whole smokingapackaday has created a fair amount of havoc with my stamina, I admit, but otherwise I am fine. Also considering that I am surrounded by big bosomed ladies in both sides of my family, I got no idea how I missed out on that specific gene …(and for the record, whoever said eating onions, cheese, imli, kerries, makes the twins healthy,wealthy&wise was just horsing around with my people! Shame on you.. *thu, thu* )...so this is what happens , there are two kind of women out there, ones who keep commenting on my size, out of envy or pure appreciation , I know they are being sweet but I don’t think having any one comment on your size or physique is any fun for anyone. And then those weird questions:

Weird lady in the bathroom: “what do you dooooo?...you are so slim MASHALLAH.. please apni Qamer mujh ko day do..”
Me: “ awkward smile, errr…more awkward smiling… nothing really… just you know … awkward smile once more… I guess I better run … see ya”Or the “hi allah, kitni patli ho tum. Apna diet plan tu dayna mujh ko”, to which my answer is a meek “jee may dieting nahi kerti”…errr, what else can one say to that?

And then there are those, who are on a diet year-around, and just can’t seem to lose weight, or get rid of their eating habits and all.. They are vile, I tell you.. first the whole look over, and then some implicit caustic comment about how I look sick or how I don’t have boobs or something along those same ole lines…errrr… ”excuse moa? …whatdididowrong? “..

And then them guys!

Now guys are a different ball (less, more often than not) game altogether. And I don’t think it’s about the body types anyway. There thinking patterns are the same no matter what the body type of the girl might be

If you are slim, you’re skinny and hence you obviously don’t eat which means you are weight conscious when you really don’t need to be so, which means you are obsessive about your looks which means you are a bimbo which means you are an easy lay. We can fuck you, if we want to, so either we do or not, is completely up to us. After all , we are too cool for you.

If you are fat, you are ugly and hence you obviously have low self esteem and therefore you are the sort who needs a man to constantly tell you that you are beautiful which also means you are promiscuous and hence and easy lay. We can fuck you, if we want to, so either we do or not is, completely up to us. After all, we are too cool for you.

If you are neither fat nor slim, and are amongst the smallteenytinyminority of girls who are hot and single then you obviously think you are something and hence you are stuckup and full of shit, and therefore we are just not interested. Even though you must be a hot lay and we think of it all the time, we are just too cool for you.

So the point of all this ranting is:
just like how its tell an ugly person that they are ugly considered obnoxiously rude, similarly commenting on a girl’s size whether she’s fat OR SKINNY just plain wrong, so please don’t do that.

Skinny does not necessarily mean unhealthy

Skinny girls have feelings too...*innocent pout*


Irfan Khan said...

Wow, I never thought bieng skinny was as much of a social stigma as bieng fat. I havent been on either side of the scale, so I wont say "I know how you feel", nor do I have anyone judging my bosoms on thier size and structure.

I guess it is more of a societal problem than a personal one. People not comfortable in thier own skin find flaws in other people to feel good about themselves. I know cuz I have a big nose :) And people can be very nasty about it.

I dont understand why you are stereotyping the "guys". That again is a very subjective description of a typical "guy" behaviour. I'm sure there are people like that out there who may think and behave like that, but they shouldnt even matter. If they do, then I really dont know what to say. Besides, most guys are idiots.

Maybe its cuz you're not getting hit on much? :p

Dont worry, there are people out there who think you're hot, in all your skinniness. And that your bosoms are perfect in size and shape :)

Annie said...

Dear Irfan,
I'm not stereotyping guys. I'm just being funny ...Next time I'll include a disclaimer, for the innocent amongst us :)

Ayesha said...


Irfan Khan said...

Maybe adopt your writing style to a satire? It all sounds apathetic, not satirical.

I could honestly say, by the way you write it, you mean it.

Anonymous said...

Great post!! ...But I still hate you for being skinny!!
(not tht i know you, or would say it out loud if I did know you)
Its mostly jealousy ... and principle :)

Morphine said...

Enjoyed reading every bit of it - nothing more! :)