11:25 PM

Current status: Freakingly Rantish

I am a libertarian. by that I mean, I believe in freedom and liberty and that I am opposed to any phenomenon which might interfere with a person's right to the two.

So, its because of that I hate Goody-two-shoes. Yes, there are some exceptions. Like my sisters, and some of my close friends. My mom even. The problem I have with them is simple. They are always on their Moralistic-high-horse. They have a holier than thou, sanctimonious, over-exaggerated pietistic attitude , which can kiss my perky lil ass any day, any time.

They make my life inconvenient, cause the society (read: sad sorry asses) judges me according to them. Their behavior, their choices, their life style become a standard for which I am pressurized/ coerced/ forced into withholding.

...and I just truly don't want to.


Anonymous said...

C'est la vie mon petite ami...