5:05 AM

Parental advise for the fucked up.

Be good to your parents.

Not for their sake but for your own sake. Because you might think they are old fashioned and paindu and that they don't understand you but end of the day their approval and their validation means more than anything in the whole wide world. Always!

So do drugs, have sex and drive fast but make sure they never find out. Let them only see the good side cause the good in you is all cause of them. The bad is not their fault so why bother them with it?...

Also One day you are bound to fuck up majorly. Flunk a year, Get laid off or end up in a divorce... and you might want them to give you unconditional forgiveness. Don't run them out of it by the time you hit college. Most people need it after that . The older you grow the greater the fuck ups become. So dont spend that teeny-tiny bottle of unconditional forgiveness on bunking classes and sneaking out. Save it.

You'll need it later...

7:19 AM

You wanna know disgraceful, pathetic and sad?...

...then check this out.

I have always found it disturbing how so many muslims out there have this belief in how they are the preferred ones. This concept is there in followers of almost all religions, especially in the monotheistic ones. However its personally, most disturbing when exhibited by the Muslims cause that is not what I have ever felt being raised a muslim. I might have a different set of believes now, then what I previously held but my belief in Allah, shall never change... and the Allah I believe in is my God, and everyone else's God. Be it a Mormon, a Hindu or even an Atheist. I don't believe that He differentiates in His love. That's why he's God. He's the Rahman & The Rahim.

...and things like this just mean that you don't believe that. You don't think He loves all. You don't believe that he's the Most Merciful, the most Gracious or the most Merciful.

Isn't this a blasphemy?