10:00 PM

a quarter life crisis...

The worst part of growing up is turning into the very person you dreaded becoming. Seeing all your ambitions faltering and you donning the dreaded mackinaw of pragmatism. The realization that conquering the world ain't that easy and that the-best-case-scenario is that I will get married, look pretty on my wedding day, have kids, send them to school, retire and live to see them well-settled and happy; I will be mediocre and my life will be a cliche.

I wish we weren't told fairy-tales as kids.

I wish there were no dolls and barbies.

I wish I wasn't spoiled by love and care.

I wish I didnt have a life of leisure.

Cause now fairy-tell endings seem like cliches. Everything which can be bought has been bought and so I have no reason to strive for anything. The evilness and ugliness of this world, the wars , the droughts, the cruelties have made me indifferent. I have stopped believing that I will one day change the world... or even touch a life....

Growing up never seemed so sad... and I haven't even crossed 25


Rabia said...

"the dreaded mackinaw of pragmatism" is a great line

Annie said...

Gee Thanks, Rabia :)