4:41 PM

Obsessively me!

I want to start painting very soon.

I plan to quit smoking, "No.Matter.What" by the last 2010 quarter.

I want to get myself a great bag and a great pair of sunglasses very soon.

I plan on doing one small thing at a time and start furnishing my lounge now.

I will read more and write more. I will. Even if i have nothing to say really, i'll still say it.

I will be more efficient at work, simply the best sort. 

11:33 AM

Profile Pictures.

There are so many. Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Windows Live, Gtalk, Linkedin....

ah or akh-thu?
..updating ones which only my friends would be viewing (facebook, Windows Live) doesn't require much thinking ... They range from whatever the pretty posey ones, from weddings and birthdays to the crazy random ones taken here and there .. I am not concious about those at all. I have had some down-right fugly ones.. 

....but when it comes to putting one up on a public platform like Linkedin or here its funny what a project and a half it can be. Its always one of the fake ones, with a toothy smile. I always wonder what a third person, who has never met me, never seen me thinks of it. When they see it, do they see "me". Do they think I am plastic or do they think I have kind eyes. Do they think I am cross-eyed...

So I am putting it out there, what do you see random-reader-darling?..  
I know how this can be a classic case of "Aa bail, mujhay maar" ... but nevermind.