12:36 AM

On being Meera

I didnt know the percentage of complete dykes on my facebook list, until now...

Every second person is sharing this video link and then leaving vile comments... How can some body's misery serve as fodder for your laughs, is beyond me?

Having personal e-mails you exchange with your partner, plastered all over to be viewed by everyone you know, along with complete strangers... That asks for sympathy and respect and not rolling of eyes and smirks...


... i did debate on whether i am supposed to put the link up or not... *scratches head* ... and I decided if anyone read this
a) they would have probably already seen the video I'am talking about
b) or they would just youtube it.

so whether I put it up or not wouldnt really matter..
thought I should clarify.


Aneela Z said...

annie, just for this (and probably more once Ive gone through your other posts) you are my soul sister...Ive been meaning to write about this for a while as Im sick sick sick about the ruckus. and i thought the geo guy was such a swarmy @### for lording it in the chair as meera pleaded her case.

Annie said...

I knowwwww. The whole facebook-fascination with it

There is this woman on my list who has said something mean about her "wajud pak hay" statement and I swear, the stuff I could say to herrrr!.. I am biting me lips right now!