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My list of Under-rated goodness

I already mentioned my love for lists some time back. Today when I woke up it felt like it was a listy kinda day. After scratching my head some and random cyber-doodling here it is...

The List of Under-rated stuff. Things which are quite ass-kicking but somehow haven't gotten the kind of attention and loving as they totally deserve

(all of you who read this, feel free to add your items in the comments section...)

Sex God
Kunal Kapoor, especially in Meenaxi…yum yum yummy..

In this here,..makes me wanna curl up in a foetal position and only think of him and nothing else ( @ 2:51, sit up straight and pay attention!)

Sex Goddess
Vanessa Ferlito- That Lap dance in Death proof.. friggin hot.. how come guys aint goin gaga over her? ..

A Good Guy
What's wrong with being a good guy?.. Having morals,values and principles. Having manners. Saying 'Please', and 'Thankyous'. Not polluting?..a plant lover can be sexy too, ya know!

Black Beauty
A woman who has come to terms with the fact that she is dark-skinned. They are a rarity..

So I jump up&down and do a happy dance, when i see one on tv.. I am a big fan of her, and her, just cause of this one reason.

Pen and Paper
I started keeping a journal when I was 9. I wasn't very regular and there are phases I totally have no parchment-al proof of my life, but whenever i sat down with a pen and a paper it was magical... Maybe I am just a narcacist, but seeing my own writing, those curvy g's and f's, was at times almost therapeutic... For me, writing has that personal touch, a sense of historical importance, which printed form just can not provide.

...and then them hand written love letters. The joy of just holding an envelope in your hand. The power they have! an ugly bugger, a complete jackass, a faggot, or even a drag queen can turn you in a blubbering bimb made of cowdunglookalike putty with a clumsy scroll on a piece of carelessly torn out paper. No amount of emails, sms's, tweets, or facebook posts can compete with the kind of magic, papyri jujuism unto you.

It never fails to amaze me how there are so many people, in today's tech-savvy world, who are not aware of the concept. Everyone knows Google, Orkut, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter but Blogger/ Wordpress etc, are still relatively unknown... Why?.. Go figure..

Women Athletes
I know there is some huff and puff about Maria Sharapova, and then Anna Kournikova (..but that was cause of a very obvious reason) but seriously... the women athletes, as a demographic have some serious sexy business going on...

How can the world forget to ooh-aah about a serious hot chica driving a seriously hot car, nevertheless be a champion indycar racer!!!....

..and the female wrestlers?... They are the exact sort of trashy girls, all you boys dream off... I mean, I wanted to put some pictures up for referance ...but...ermm ... they werent many kosher ones I could find ... but like google em. you'll get what I am talking about (Mickie James, Velevet Sky, ODB - she's nasty btw, Angelina Love etc etc)

Urdu Literature
You have been dealt a bad hand when you open your eyes in a third-world country, like Pakistan. Political turmoil, terrorism, load-shedding, extreme cold and hot weather ( not ya'll Karachites!), staring idiots, hypocrisy, no good concerts... the list goes on.

.. but there are upsides too. Infact to be honest I see only two. Mangoes and the Literature. What is life if you haven't read Ghalib, Faiz, Meer Dard, Meer Taqi meer?.. or Banu Qudsia, Col. Muhammad Khan, Sufian Afaqi, Umera Ahmad? ..
Its not a perfect childhood if it didnt have Umro Eyar, Taleem-o-tarbiat, Aank Macholi, Kamran Series in it, I tell you.
Incase you are one of the million who missed out on that and now are too old for it, trust me on one thing; Make sure your kids don't do the same..


the sheikh said...

Don't forget about Manto!

He was one of our best short story writers. If anyone's interested, read "Toba Tek Singh".


(It's in English here, I couldn't find an urdu link :P)

Annie said...

well, sadly enough never gotten around that one. He's still on my to-read list.

Cheema Changazi said...

Ahh Maira Sharapova, a beauty who gets less attractive the more I look at her.
She also in need of at least three breast implants. It'd be more revealing if I removed my shirt.

annie said...

Ho hi.

Americanising Desi said...

this is an super uber cool post!
damn the idea with which you cooked it!

hot and fulfilling :D

Annie said...

hahhaha, I'm glad you like it, AD