2:44 PM

A Lover's Lullaby

Has anyone sung you to sleep?

If not, consider yourself lucky. Cause in the delphic dark of the night, when all you can hear is him singing and your heart beating, ever-so-slowly, there hides a magic, oh-so-enchanting. The juju of his voice will never leave you. It will follow you around day-in, day-out. It will echo in every hushed murmur crossing your path. Its in the random breeze of the day, which leaves nothing but still air behind.. and you wanting more. Like a bad jingle on the radio, it's always there, playing so innocently in the background of your life, yet driving you to insanity. Slowly. Gradually.

So never let him sing to you.




Balvinder Singh said...

Subtle humour. Wonderful.

BTW, am i the first one to arriive here ?? :-))

Salman Latif said...

Well...that's exact.
Even words without the rhyme of a lullaby push one towards such a state - where sanity is definitely not the prevalent etiquette. So much for a single person.
Yet, the decision to let the person sing is never deliberate. And so, never avoidable..

Xeb said...


Sounds like a good way to go! I wonder if I should extend my list of requirements to move from boy-must-know-how-to-dance to boy-must-know-how-to-sing-and-dance? :P

Hassan said...

Haunting... I'm tempted to read more into this, and I will unless you say otherwise :D
(hint! hint!)

Although it helps if the dude can sing... and I don't mean Atif Aslam-style "aaaaaaayayayyyaaaa" :P

Annie said...

@balvinder ji.
Yes. You're the winner, this time around.

I guess.

Lol .. Be careful what you wish for. It just, might come true.

Read away. Permission has been granted.and no atif is definitly not what i was talking off.