4:32 AM

...living happily ever after

Are you one of the about-to-get-married ones?..

Are you sick and tired of talking about crockery, cutlery, 'electronics', 'whether you are living with your in-laws?', 'your bridal', 'your choice of photographer/ caterer/ mehndi walli/ parlour/ decorator'...

Are you getting cold feet, thanks to all the aunties/ uncles who have been telling you nut-busting stories of how bad being married can be?

Is it the first time in your life that you are spending money by the tons on yourself and you are just not getting that retail buzz you get from shopping?..

Here's what you should do:

Elope. Go on honeymoon. Make a crazy ass sex-tape. Leak on internet . earn big dough. Live happily ever after.

Call me.

tell me how it goes.


Balvinder Singh said...

As i told you earlier that I was much impressed by your response on my post "Who Created Pakistan". Since your response came on that post after it had been read and commented upon by most of my blogger friends, i don't want it to remain in the archives. Therefore, i am publishing your comments on my blog as a fresh post for all to read. You may like to have a look.

Anonymous said...

You gotta be paris hilton to do that girl :D

But in that case you're probably not doing it for the monies.

Annie said...

Balvinder ji.

Thanks a billion :)

As Paris Hilton you can just walk down a road and it can be a hit. As a normal person...*ermmm*... I guess you need some form of creativity... some work on the marketing strategy.

Media Junkie said...


I saw you're blog while checking my Feedjit. Thanks so much for the bloglist add.

Will bookmark it for further reading. But I love what you've written so far :)

Annie said...

aww, Thanks MJ.. I try :)

Anonymous said...

haha :D

are you getting married? my marriage plans are pegged at next november and i'm already a bit hassled. god knows what'll happen by then!

Annie said...

:D ...*wink,wink*