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OverLoad's Pichal Pairee and my all-over-the-place album review

Overload comes out with their second offering "Pichal Pairee", which surprisingly is available for download ...

Hailing from Lahore, they are primarily a Rock band, but if I had to be more specific I would classify them as a Bhangra Rock band .... and yes, I just coined that.

Meesha's vocals will flirt with you; The music, the guitaring, the drums, the dhool , will unashamedly seduce you. Woe you. Charm you. I wanna wear a big frilly skirt, open my hair and go wild alternating between headbanging and doing bhangra. The music is stimulting in oh-so-many-ways, both right and wrong.

So i think everyone should check it out.

The Official Overload Website

Having said all that, I saw them perform back in April. Since they had won an award for live performance, I had high expectations... and they did not come up to them. I hope they carry on working on their live act. They need to improve in that area.

My favorites: Saat Mein, Amjad Khan, Vichar Gaye and Dhol Bajaye ga.

Pichal Pairee is an interesting name, however the song wasn't all that... and neither was the video (minus the parts with the drummer in 'em)

Incase you're interested here it is

Disclaimer: My opinion might be a little biased. I had some major hots for Farhad Humayun (back from the Noori days). A suited dude, on drums can do that to you!


the sheikh said...

bijli aaye ya na aayyyee humaraa dholll bajay gaaaa!

Annie said...

I knowwwww....

On second thought, Is it just me or is that an innuendo?...

the sheikh said...

Hmmm...My innocent mind was thinking that this is their way of showing the middle finger to WAPDA.

the sheikh said...

Also, Misha is so hot.

Annie said...


tis sad that what my imagination conjured was way more testeronish =D

and Dude, she's nothing on tv... in real life...she gives you a heart attack. Complete show stopper!

Saman said...

I gave her the album!! *preens and takes credit*

the sheikh said...

@annie: I KNOW dude! I met her a couple of weekends ago. Full jaw dropping to the floor scene!

Yaar, clearly we have common interests. You can totally be my bro haha!

Annie said...

yeah, and then i can be pishipotty ...and ..the third p?


From here onwards, bros we are, bros we shall remain.

the sheikh said...

as i read the last line you wrote the music to "bad boys for life" started playing in my head.

the third p....is that innuendo too?

Annie said...


No Innuendo there!...I aint calling myself that!

I meant the obvious 'P'!!!...definitly not the innuendo p!


the sheikh said...

that was a test.

you passed. you can be a P too now :D

Cheema Changezi said...

Hairdo, built, look..humm..Amy Winehouse?
And her hubby guitarist never quite seems alive, even in the midst of his spectacularly mediocre solos. lol
But she certainly seems someone who'd out-fuck her husband, friend's husband, and still have time for a bare-knuckle bout in the rain. \m/

Annie said...

@the sheikh

haahahaah. I am the third 'p'...yayyyy!


What kinda childhood do you have?... like seriously!

Annie said...