2:35 PM

Live-traffic and fellow bloggers

This map widget is interesting.

Before when i wrote, I just did it. Wrote. Without thinking about who would be reading it and what would they be thinking of me?...

Until I got this live-traffic widget.

There's a certain someone who reads my blog from Tanzania. He or She is probably the only one out of the entire continent of Africa.

..and Canadians dont like me much. I mean more people from US of A or Europe read my blog than them.

...and the South Americans. They are like so not aware of me. Until recently i had like no blip on that continent... then someone from Brazil discovered me.

... Someone from Afghanistan was reading my blog just the other day.

I wonder who they are? .. What did they think about my blog?.. Did they laugh, cry, smile, shake their heads?...

But the Tanzania dude/ - ette I am majorly curious about.


Thoth said...

I am the one from Tanzania, and yes i only shake my head in utter disbelief most of the times.

Annie said...

Are you serious?... hahahha...okay, mystery solved. I always knew the Tanzania visitor is rather special :D

Thoth said...

I don't think you know me!
Do you?

Annie said...

ermm. I guess not?..

Minerva said...

I think most people come to my blog (from unheard of countries) after googling Chuck Bass or SRK or Atif.


Annie said...


hahhhahahha, Yes i read that post

Dude that was serious funny shit