4:04 AM

An Ode to All the about-to-be-Married

He is a raconteur
His eyes tell tales
Anecdotes and Stories
Of times I dont know of and never will

He is a minstrel
His voice tells tales
Without saying anything.
Of things I dont understand and I never will

He is a magician
His aura tells tales
Full of unholy things and passionate nights
Of happenigs which I haven't experienced and I never will

He is a raconteur, a minstrel and a magician
Whose not mine
and never will be


Ekanthapadhikan said...

That was a good read. Sounded more like a song than poetry. I mean, it was very lucid and I like it more for that.

Annie said...

hah, Thanks a lot. I dont know if it was intended as poetry or a song, for that matter... But I guess in other words, its open for interpretations :)