2:27 AM

Islamic University Blasts.

Two blasts in Islamic University, one in the girl's campus and the other in the boy's..1 girl killed, with many being injured.

this one hits really really close. I went to IIUI back in 2002.

Someone bombed a school.

this is just sick. plain, simple sick!


Xeb said...

They've been bombing schools for a long time now darling... :S

Annie said...


Sowwie, that was "my" instead of "a"

Salman Latif said...

And the actual toll is above 30, as told by a student at IIUI.
It was Deputy DGMO today - wonder it's only Kiyani left of the army.

Annie said...

yeah i heard. Its a sad, sad affair.

Thoth said...

Can't simply grieve enough. And the irony of it is that they chose IIUI. Have never been to the place, but i can imagine.