5:41 AM

Morbid Innocence ....

In my Social Studies class, back in 8th grade we used to do this weekly assignment, where the teacher would give us numbers and then that night we had to watch the PTV news and note down the headline corresponding to that number. Next day in class we had to talk about that specific headline and conduct a mini-discussion.

Now sometimes some kid would forget to note it down. Sometimes the entire class would forget. Such were the ways of me and my friends, back in the day.

...and I used to have a very simple ass-saving formula for this.

I used to always write about sucide bombs in Palestine. Since almost everyday there was one. It was like a little joke. People killed in Kashmir and Suicide bombings in Palestine happened everyday. You could bet on it.

..and now when I see bomb news on CNN, I can't stop and wonder if that's what my country has become for the rest of the world. Something they change the channel on... "just another bomb blast in Pakistan"..

...and that kills me.


the sheikh said...

tsk tsk...blogging karo Q!

Annie said...

tryin, love... tryin :)

Anonymous said...

This one touched me. I don't think I can ever understand how it must feel like to live there right now. It's probably just one of those things you never understand unless you experience it yourself.

I like your blog. Will keep a tab on it.

Salman Latif said...

Times have changed from those good, ol' days to these terrible ones.