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Lazy winter mornings...aaah

Having a career is great. Being driven for 'more' is awesome too. Not to forget, them business suits; now that's some serious cut-throat sexy!

but there are days, when there's winter breeze blowing outside and the sun is out, shining. I can imagine me in my jammies, lazing out in the garden. Eating breakfast, full of cheese and cream and maple syrup. Contemplating watching a movie in my bed, or reading a book in the sun... or maybe a pedicure.

and then taking a nap cause all the thinking would be the most stressful thing I would be doing all day and I would need some rest.

and on days like that... I almost don't see anything wrong with a life sans business suits, blackberries and outlook.

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Thoth said...

Let me guess.
Business Development or HR?

Annie said...


Thoth said...

2/3, damn i am losing it.
And sorry for being rude, i have major issues with Blackberries and people who flaunt them.

Annie said...

Don't be :)

Its kind of amusing to see someone who has major issues ... with that... lol ... atleast for some one like me ..

I am contemplating buying a blackberry. Work is becoming a bitch without it.

asofnow its xpressmusic for moi

Salman Latif said...

Well...I quite contemplate every day to be like that - if only it could be that way.
Formalities and work are both unwelcome :D