3:58 PM

Vicky Razaion or Quratulain Nafees kee janib say, app sub ko JASHAN-E-AZADI MUBARIK

So I am home, chilling and trip-hoppin all over the blogesphere and I bumped into some serious nice independence day- related stuff… and not a single of them clichĂ©d or corny … I hate them obviously, the way I hate everyone who makes me feel so inept at this whole writing thing … but I am still posting them here so go check it out..

Minerva talks about her Independance Day in a foreign country , which is funny, like she always is... but this post was just really really nice..

then there was Americanising Desi with this

and then there was a classic . It was nt the blog entry itself but an earlier post which was mentioned in this one … Levels of awesomeness = skyrocketin

Happy independence day, my blogging minions :)


Minerva said...

Thanks for the link, Annie and a very happy (although belated) independence day to you too.

For what my opinion's worth, trust me you write well. I liked yr previous post "Annie Mama" ... :)

Annie said...

Awww, Thank you.. Nowadays we really wanna be told something nice about us as Pakistanis... its a serious rare occurance and you did a real sweet job of it :)..So i just had to share it ..

Minerva said...

Sigh you're right. There's enough dolor going aroudn to last a lifetime. Pakistanis should all come to Yemen to appreciate their country!