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You wanna know disgraceful, pathetic and sad?...

...then check this out.

I have always found it disturbing how so many muslims out there have this belief in how they are the preferred ones. This concept is there in followers of almost all religions, especially in the monotheistic ones. However its personally, most disturbing when exhibited by the Muslims cause that is not what I have ever felt being raised a muslim. I might have a different set of believes now, then what I previously held but my belief in Allah, shall never change... and the Allah I believe in is my God, and everyone else's God. Be it a Mormon, a Hindu or even an Atheist. I don't believe that He differentiates in His love. That's why he's God. He's the Rahman & The Rahim.

...and things like this just mean that you don't believe that. You don't think He loves all. You don't believe that he's the Most Merciful, the most Gracious or the most Merciful.

Isn't this a blasphemy?


Balvinder Singh said...

Annie agree with u one 100%

Avval Allah Noor Upaya
Kudrat Ke Sab Bandey
Ek Noor tey Sab Jag Upjeyo
Kou Bhaley Kou Mandey

Thoth said...

Funny coincidence i'd say.
So i was at a lunch on Sunday with colleagues, a very nice Malay gentleman and lady were among attendees. So somehow, this came up. And i asked them what's the issue, stating the potayto potato analogy. They told me that it was a cultural thing. As they want their kids to know the difference between their god and Christian god as due to influx of other religions and ethnicities (Chinese, Indians, Chinese Indians, majority of whom profess to practice Christianity) a as they are fighting for their religious identity. I didn't agree entirely and i don't take shine to any religion in particular. But Malaysian people are very humble and kind and i can't come to terms with your idea of blasphemy. All the Christian Arabs from Syria, Jordan, Algeria etc call god Allah. All Arabic Bibles, call god Allah. Nobody cares, not even Malaysian. The ground reality there is perhaps somewhat different. Even our Mullas don't have anything against words like Maula, Khuda and Parvardigar. So in defense of my Malaysian friends, please don't be so judgmental. It's never being about whom the Big Guy loves or not.
And FYI if you didn't know, Allah comes from Hebrew Ilahi, and was used all over before Islam. And FYI secondly i think my comment is longer than your post now.

Salman Latif said...

It's sad to see how Muslims are conditioned to believe they are a superior creed and while they claim to be the torch-bearers of truth, trying to spread the light, such superior notions only curtail the efforts to extend a hand of peace and brotherhood to the rest of humanity.
Such an attitude is manifest in a lot of things we do - in fact, in everyday discussions, it comes up over and over again - referring to the non-Muslims with contempt and while following them in everything when it comes to practical life, doing quite the opposite in talking.

Nahl said...

I wish more people understood this like you do. People need to know that there is a lot out there beyond their personal beliefs.