4:36 AM

I realized it was wrong even back in my school days, when i saw Vinnie in two advertisements, Tibet Snow and Lux. How can you not have no work ethic whatsoever, how?!?!.. but well not many noticed that and it went under the carpet like it always does.

but then came Ali Zafar, God bless his soul, if he has one to begin with! Click Here

Once you have seen this , also watch this one

and then you friggin watch this one!

Errr, I am upset beyond words. Upset at the lack of professionalism. Upset at how I have defended all these no-morals-no-values musician types on so many levels yet they themselves are bent on proving that all those stereotypes about the rockstarspopstarswhatever are there for a reason. Also 'cause after meetimg him once, I found him to be a sweet decent guy after which I started defending his sexuality!... So upset that i can't even be my charmingfunny self, which i always..ermm ..okay most of the times, Am! (*no sniggers allowed*)

What is this world coming to when even money is failing at buying you loyalty!...what will work then! huh, huh, huh!!...


Irfan Khan said...

"What is this world coming to when even money is failing at buying you loyalty" <- You just described how those two individuals sold thier loyalties for money to competing brands.

Professionalism IMHO is a very subjective term. How do you define a professional? As by Dictionay.com Professionalism = "Professional status, methods, character, or standards; The following of a profession, sport, etc., as an occupation". The celebrities in question are both professionals, as in they are doing thier profession with the right methods and following it as an occupation. Changing brand loyalties has nothing to do with professionalism. The changed thier loyalties for lucrative contracts. I'm sure Vinnie never used Tibet snow, or had even heard of it before they offered her a contract.

You may be confusing professionalism with personal integrity which is a lot harder to find in celebrities of today.