2:48 PM

Girl Vs Boy?

You ask me what do I want? A girl or a boy. I smile and tell you either one would make me happy. 

But I pray to God it's not a daughter. I mean what mother could possibly want that? 

A girl can be so many things... each one more scarier than the other. I mean what if shes free willed for instance? Wants the right of choice and respect to  go with it. What if she wants to wear a veil or a bikini? What if she falls in love a little too many times? What if she expects to be paid as much as her male counterparts? What if she wants to travel the world on her own? What if she decides to be an activist? What if she wants to marry a christian man or for that matter a Muslim woman? What if she's pro-life? What if she's got acne and a slow metabolic rate? What if her complexion is too dark? What if she's flat chested?

So I shiver at the thought of it and pray to God for a son.