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If the floods were World War 2...

...the Ahmadiyyah community would be our Jews and our Government would be the third reich!

Discrimination of this sort needs to be put on hold, if not forever, atleast for times like the ones we are facing. So do your bit for this. Share the link on your facebook, talk to your friends about it, forward to your contacts. The Ahmadiyyah Community can not openly speak up about their right in fear of legal action taken against them thanks to the Blasphamy Laws. So you do your part!


Ahsan said...

First of all if it actually happened, its condemnable and they should be given immediate access to food and shelter, for the sole reason that they are residents of Pakistan.

However you missed one mind while bashing out on whole nation here. The article clearly lacks validation. They didn't bother to cross check with the other party/govt to take their views. What kind of reporting is it?

Secondly, which clerics and authorities the writer is mentioning. Name them so that they can be taken to account. I will be blunt, why should I believe in ahmadi version of the issue? Hence I suggest before making a conclusion, straighten the facts.

Annie said...


I agree with your point of view on the importance of autheticity in journalism and the credibility of sources however considering how the (general) Pakistani Public and its government have been discriminating against this community since 1947, having given it another level of injustice post-zia I am not too surprised by this.

I am not an Ahmaddi but I 100% support their right to live a normal life, with the right to choose what they believe in, with the right to dignity and respect, as i believe these were the basic rights for which our country was born in the first place.

...and why not believe an ahmadi version of anything anyway? What's so different about the non-ahmadi version? Being a non-ahmadi makes a piece of news more credible? I beg to differ.

Anonymous said...

The number of people affected by this devastation is incomprehensible. 14 million, that is equal to about the whole population of Islamabad + Rawalpindi and all the surrounding areas.

Ideally there should be no discrimination at all, let alone in this time of need. However, comparing the government to the Nazis and the Ahmadis to the Jews is stretching it a bit too far in my opinion. The circumstances, people involved and the working ideology is completely different. Also, I have not seen any solid evidence of this discrimination happening apart from that article you mentioned.

Even if it is really happening, most of the affected people are not getting relief. Around $1 billion is estimated to be required for the whole relief operation. And currently only about $200 million have been pledged. There is not enough to go around. I don't know if these Ahmadis are not getting relief because there is none, or because they are being discriminated against. However, I'm sure Ahmadis are a lot less than %5 of the total affected people.

How about instead of sensationalizing this "discrimination" and calling foul, we actually focus on providing relief to everyone, including Ahmadis, Pakhtuns, Punjabis and Hindus.