1:42 AM

To each his own...

Nothing about that idiom is hard to grasp,eh?

What is it that people find so hard about the concept of 'Personal liberty' and 'freedom of choice'? Why is it that Man has found water on moon, but liberty still sounds like an urban myth? Its the 21st century and still there is a need for me to be sitting here, writing about this when I could be comfortably sipping my tea and worrying about bomb blasts and terrorism?

Think of a day when you wake up and just be able to 'be'.

To wear the clothes you want to wear. To study at the school of your choice. To work in the job you have been dreaming of all your life. Be whatever you want to be.

A day when you don't have to worry about upsetting your parents or scandalizing your peers.

A day when the frustrations in your life are all yours and not ones, which were handed to you, gift-wrapped by Mama, Papa.

A day where you roll down the window, sit hanging from it, getting wet in the rain, without having people brand you as a slut.

A day when you can be. No questions asked.


Media Junkie said...

*sigh* i feel that way a lot.

but then, that would be against 'society'.

Reader said...

here here, very well said!