1:33 AM

Rain, Your favorite song and the obvious followup post


Its cloudy and I m listening to one of your favorite bands. It’s not like I put an effort in picking it up. Windows Media Player on shuffle does that to you…and now the song is there, in my ears, seeping through me, reaching crooks and crannies I had forgotten about.

And again I’m thinking the same thing. Do I ever cross your mind? Is it good, what you remember me by? Did I ever matter to you? Did you tell your new girl friend about me? Did you tell her how whiny I used to be? What label did you put on me? Does she know about me being Zunair Khan? Does she know at one point you were my best friend but never the other way around.

…And yes, I think of you and hope you are good… I’m happy, married to someone who makes me so very happy and plain content. Who cuddles me to sleep, even though he's a strict non-cuddler.

But Just so that you know, if you think the same, I do wonder about you and hope that you are healthy and happy and more at peace with yourself and your surroundings then you were before... and more than anything, I miss the one-sided bestfriendshipness.


Americanizing Desi said...

Somewhere someplace it was said that the mutual affection between two people cannot be measured by the number of words they exchange. Do you believe in that?